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May 27 - May 30,  2014


Good Morning, it is great day to be a Viking.

Attention All Students! The last day to submit Summer School Application will be Friday, May 30th. Valley Summer School will begin next Tuesday, June 3rd. Summer School Schedules will be distributed on Tuesday, June 3rd at 7:30am. Please see Counseling Staff or Mr. Welcome for questions about Summer School.

  • Yearbooks that are preordered can be picked up in D6.  If you have not purchased a yearbook you will need to go to the bookkeeper to pay and receive your yearbook. They are on sale for $85 until sold out.
  • Attention future AP Chemistry students, if you have not picked up your summer work come see Mrs. Geibel directly after school in S7 to pick it up.
  • “If you are interested in playing for the Summer Baseball Program for Valley, please come see Mr Sawyer in G-10 before school gets out. 1st practice is Monday June 2nd at 1:30 at the baseball field. See you there.”
  • If you are interested in working in the student store next year come by and put your name on the list in the store. This is the only way to have a chance to work in the store next year.

Attention all staff and students the District does not allow us to accept personal checks for payments after a certain date each year.  March 31st was the last day personal checks were accepted.  From this point forward the school can only accept cash for any transactions on campus. Thank you very much. 

ASB News

If you applied to ASB this year and interviewed this month, invitations will go out Wednesday in 3rd period. Be in class on Wednesday to make sure you get your invite. Also, the list will post on Thursday morning in B – 5, the Student Store, and D - 6. Make sure you check there too. There is a meeting this Friday after school in B – 5 at 12:45. Make sure you are there.

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Athletics News

Hey ladies! If any of y'all is interested in volleyball for the year of 2014- 2015, there will be a meeting on Friday the 23rd outside the big gym. See ya there!  

Upcoming Athletic Events


Athletics results:


Library News

Don’t wait until it is too late.  See Mrs. Rosenblum in the library about low-cost ways to clear your lost books.

The library is closed for all services except textbooks this week.  Computers are not available for use.  If you have a textbook that needs to be returned or need to check out AP or Honors textbooks: please come before school, after school or during open lunch times.  Or bring it along when you have another class textbook return scheduled.

Please do not come during random class times to return textbooks!

College and Career Center

If you have checked out any books from the career center, please return them immediately. Thank you

Hey Sophomores and Juniors! What are you doing this summer? CRC has classes for YOU! Take a look at the summer schedule and explore your options for participating in their Advanced Education program. For more information, look in the career center.


Attention all students: PE lockers are for PE clothes only.  Do not leave text books etc. in your P. E. Locker. Students should only be in PE locker rooms during their period of PE.  Please do not send students with passes to gain access to the locker rooms, they will not get in.

“Remember students, anyone under the age of 18 will have to show a picture ID for entrance to at all school events including athletics and dances.”

The Cell Phone/Electronic Equipment Policy is in effect immediately!  Please make sure to keep your cell phones, headsets, cameras, etc. “out of sight and out of mind” from 8:00-3. ID’s will be required to retrieve electronic devices.

All students not involved in an after-school or athletic program must leave the campus immediately after school.  Any student not leaving campus may be subject to suspension.

Attention all students: If you are not in class you will be swept to OCS and the referral process will begin. Get to class on time. 

This has been your bulletin, have a great day Vikings